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Recruitment Procedures

Recruitment Procedures

  • Prastuti Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. will present such documents to the Ministry of Labor, Nepal for their approval and advertisement will be published on national newspaper of approved demand after obtaining documents from the employer.
  • Bio-data and essential documents need to be initial processing for apply, will be collected from applicants, an interview and trade test will be conducted  by the employer (if required) or it directly conducted by agency representative under the given selection criteria by employer.
  • All the selected candidates will be sent to the GCC approved licensed Medical centre for Medical check-ups.
  • All the medically fit candidate’s interview assessment record will be forwarded to the employer along with the copy of passport, Bio-data, Photographs, Medically fitness report and other necessary travel documents by the Prastuti Recruitment Pvt. Ltd.
  • The employer will apply those applicants required document to the concerned government authority of their respective country.
  • The employer will be informed about the Entry Permit/NOC/Visa advice and forward to Prastuti Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. via Email once it is out from Govt. Authority. In the cases if Saudi Arabia, after obtaining authenticate papers, Prastuti Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. will process for visa endorse from respective Embassy of Saudi Arabian Government consulate where the blocked visa was reserved.
  • After obtaining visa from the employer, Prastuti Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. will present all the necessary document at the Ministry of Labor, Department (If required will endorse visa on the passport from the concerned Embassy of the respective country in Nepal) prior to final approval.
  • Prastuti Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. will reserve the seats to the respective airlines or travel agents and inform flight schedule date to the workers as well as to the employer accordingly.
  • Prastuti Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. will conduct orientation classes to the workers details and depart worker to this country of employment as per the flight scheduled.
  • The employer will receive the workers for the airport if their respective destination/countries for onward placement of their job as per Demand and Employment contract.


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