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To Prastuti Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. by explore market potential for a huge number of unemployed Nepalese youth. To find better job opportunities for skilled, semi-skilled, trained and professional Nepalese work-force.

To supply competent human work-force of various skill levels (Unskilled, Semi-skilled, skilled, highly skilled and professional manpower) as per the company demand while fully complying with the laws and acts of Ministry of Labour & Transport Management of Nepal.

To enhance the quality of positions being provided to Nepalese work-force by negotiating for better positions with better pay and facilities.

To reduce the country’s unemployment burden by establishing Nepalese workers as the most competent and honest workforce which will create raise in demand of such individuals.

Headhunting for Prastuti Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. for outbound employment.
To actualize at least 90% of the demands received in a year

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