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Welcome To Prastuti Recruitment

Prastuti Recruitment Pvt. Ltd., established in October 2017, Licensed on 5th Mar 2018, is an overseas recruitment company in Nepal. The company is established to meet the growing demand for Nepalese workforce abroad to alleviate growing unemployment in the country.

The company provides a wide range of competent human work-force from semi-skilled to highly skilled based on the demands of our valued clients. Thus, the company functions as a bridge between employer and employee.

Prastuti Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. has become a trusted name to reckon within outbound recruitment over the years. The company believes in professionalism and competency blended with quality. The company has a dedicated team of professionals excelled to provide high quality services to both employees and employers, striving to meet internationally accepted excellence benchmarks. For the Quality Management System.

Prastuti Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. is fully equipped with state of art facilities that an international standard company requires. The company uses different types of processes for sourcing its manpower.

The semi-skilled and unskilled manpower are recruited through advertisement in national daily newspapers. We headhunt to meet the level of highly technical and Prastuti Recruitment. Today, a large number of such manpower throng to our company for quality and prompt service.

PR has an updated database of different types of manpower who seeks foreign employment. Our company promptly responds to all inquiries made by employers and employees along with its affiliated companies provide a unique set of services under one roof and a complete solution of the requirement of Nepalese manpower abroad.


PR shall be the undisputed leader in the country’s Recruitment and placement Industry by continually providing world-class and top notch service and competent workforce to our clients, by constantly upgrading its facilities and systems and by strengthening sustainable productive relationship with our employers and candidates.


Prastuti Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. was established with an aim to become a leading recruitment agency that provides the most reliable and competent human resource solutions for organizations who want to recruit the Nepalese work force in various field and levels. The mission of our organization is to reduce the increased unemployment burden of the country. […]


To Prastuti Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. by explore market potential for a huge number of unemployed Nepalese youth. To find better job opportunities for skilled, semi-skilled, trained and professional Nepalese work-force. To supply competent human work-force of various skill levels (Unskilled, Semi-skilled, skilled, highly skilled and professional manpower) as per the company demand while fully complying […]

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Benefits of Recruiting from Nepal

The following points themselves explain about some tangible benefits of recruiting Nepalese workers: ~ Nepalese workers are familiar for their honesty and hard work. They have created a notable reputation since they were dispatched to work abroad. ~Nepalese workers are renowned for their loyalty, hard working nature, discipline, higher degree of devotion toward their work, […]

About Nepal

Nepal is situated at the foothills of Himalayas, where the great Mountains like Mt. Everest, the highest mountain of the world lies. Our neighboring counties are China, India, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. Nepal is the land of the lord Buddha, where peace and tranquility is as natural as the ice in the Himalayas. The Nepalese people […]

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  • Email: info@prastutirecruitment.com.np
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